Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Holiday Lights

Date Idea: Festival of Lights at VanDusen Garden
Location: VanDusen Garden, 5251 Oak Street, Vancouver
Price: $13.50 per person
More Info: 604-257-8665 or

Until January 2, 2012, the Festival of Lights are going on at VanDusen Garden. We were trying to figure out how many lights there were, but we could only estimate that it could be in the millions. After you get in, you can head to one of the food kiosks where you can grab a hot chocolate or a spiced apple cider along with a small snake for you and your date, and then take a stroll through the gardens taking a look at the lights. You can also find Santa in his 'living room' along with carolers. Try to see if you can find the 'anatomically correct' mistletoe monster. Perhaps one of the fun things to watch there are the 'Dancing Lights'. During the Dancing Lights, there's a small island in the middle of the lake that has lights that appear to dance in unison with the music. This show comes on every half hour. But after you've seen one, make sure to come back half an hour later as the second show is different.

The garden is open from 4:30pm to 9pm, but make sure to get there early as line ups can get fairly long to get in.

Located beside the garden is the Shaughnessy Restaurant. Make a reservation a bit earlier in the night for dinner, and then when the sun goes down, the setting will be perfect to go into the garden to go for a stroll to look at the lights.

As you walk around

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Science World

Date Idea: Science World
Location: Science World, 1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver
Price: $23.50 per person for admission only; $29 per person for admission and an IMAX movie
More Info: or 604-443-7443

Science World may be kid focused but its still a fun place for adults to go to be a kid. Recently, Science World has undergone some renovations and is now re-open for business. There are hands on exhibits where you can learn about the world while still having fun. That big ball on the roof is an IMAX theatre where you and your date can watch some eye popping movies that fill your field of vision (extra cost for IMAX). Every few months, there are new exhibits that move in so make sure to check out their website to see what's going on. This may a better idea for an afternoon date as Science World is open from 10am-5pm on weekdays, and 10am-6pm on weekends and holidays.

With the new renovations that went on, Science World made a "Lip-Dub" video to highlight the building.