Thursday, 11 October 2012

Fitness Competition

Date Idea: Pole Dancing Competition
Location: Edgewater Casino, 750 Pacific Blvd South, Vancouver
Price: $35-60 per person

This one can be hit or miss, depending on your date. But with more women wanting to try 'Pole Dancing' for fitness, this could be one of interest.

This Saturday, the Canadian Pole Fitness Association is hosting the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships. Notice how their emphasize the 'Pole Fitness' instead of 'Pole Dancing'. In fact, very few competitors ever did exotic dancing, and there is even a men's division too. The competition could be something fun to go watch, and when you're done, you're already at the casino and you can spend some time there.

Who knows, maybe the competition may spark some interest for your date and they may want to take lessons.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Corn Maze

Date Idea: Corn Maze
Location: Pitt Meadows, Surrey or Chilliwack
Price: $7-12 per person, depending on location

Its that time of year again for the Corn Maze. Most of these corn mazes will be open until mid to late October, so now is the time to check them out.

Corns mazes can be fun adventures. You can race to see who can find their way to the end first, or stay together and maybe find a corner where nobody is looking and sneak a kiss. But it is a maze, and if you really get lost, most places give you a flag to hold up and somebody will help guide you out.

These mazes offer more than just kilometers of pathways leading to nowhere, but they offer other 'farm attractions' which differ depending on the location. As the nights get cooler, most places offer a chance to purchase a warm cider or hot chocolate to warm you up afterwards. Or you can always find your way to the nearest Tim Hortons.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Arts Festival

Date Idea: Port Moody Festival of the Arts
Location: Port Moody, BC
Price: Starts at $5 per show, however, some parts of the event are free

The Port Moody Festival of the Arts runs for 10 days every September. It is a festival that highlights some of the emerging Canadian talent in some of the many fields of the arts ranging in music and theatre and comedy, to visual and literary arts.

Some of this year's talent includes Cole Armour, a 13 year old singer who has performed at the Merritt Mountain Music Festival and has won the talent show at the PNE. Also performing this year is Juno nominated singer Hannah Georgas.

If you want to add a dinner to this date idea, there are some restaurants including Pasta Polo, Chomp, Onyx Steakhouse and the Burrard Public House which will give you a discount of 10-15% if you show proof of going to a show that night.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Fringe Festival

Date Idea: Vancouver International Fringe Festival
Location: Various - Vancouver and Surrounding Areas
Price: Starts at $10 per show (plus a one time $5 for a Festival Membership)

First question some of you may be asking is 'What is the Fringe Festival?' The simple answer is that is 11 days worth of non-mainstream theatre that started TODAY. (Sorry for the delay in being a day late with the post).

In its 27th year, this is the largest theatre festival in BC and the most international fringe festival in North America. What makes this a fringe festival is that the theatre that is chosen to be featured in this festival is chosen at random. Essentially, the shows are put into a hat and then chosen at random. However, over the course of 11 days, 97 groups will put on 754 performances in several venues across Vancouver. Not only does this provide exposure for new and upcoming artists, but it allows one to see variety in the live performances out there.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sea Safari

Date Idea: Sea Safari
Location: Sewells's Marina, 6409 Bay St. West Vancouver
Price: $177 for 2 people

This date idea was refered to me by my friend Jen. She has a food blog which you can visit at

The Sea Safari is a 2 hour educational excursion up the coastal waters of Howe Sound where a guide takes you to approximately 10-12 stops. At these stops, the guide explains things such as intertidal zones, habitats of the local marine life, and the landscape which has been drawn out by the waters.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Lingerie Football

Date Idea: Lingerie Football Game
Location: Abbotsford Entertainment Centre. 33800 King Road  Abbotsford
Price: Starts at $12 per person

This one could be hit or miss depending on your date as its target market is directed towards males. However, it could be fun an interesting to watch. This week's idea is a Lingerie Football game.

The Lingerie Football League recently expanded into Canada and this weekend is the season opener featuring our local team, the BC Angels.

The game is similar in set up as pick up game of football among friends and not so much as the big leagues as there are no blockers; just the quarterback and receivers for a total of 7 players on each team on the field at a time. The field is half the size of an NFL game being only 50 yards long and no field goals. Points are similar in that its 6 points for a touchdown, and the extra point after comes from a run or pass into the End Zone.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Pacific National Exhibition

Date Idea: Pacific National Exhibition
Location: 2901 East Hasting Street, Vancouver
Price: Adult fare gate is $20 each (save $5 online or at certain retailers)
More Info:

Going into its 102nd year, the fair at the PNE is one of Vancouver oldest running attractions running during the last 2 weeks of summer. This year, the fair runs from August 18th to September 3.

There are hundreds of performances and exhibits to see. You can see shows such as the Superdogs, Peking Acrobats, a night time Pyrotechnics show, and there are nightly concerts which often highlight some pretty famous names. Make sure to show up early though so you can plan your day accordingly. Some shows do fill up quickly. All of this is included with admission.

Where things can get interesting with the wallet can include the marketplace where you can often buy items that you see in the "As Seen on TV" commercials. As with any fair, there is also the food which can be a bit highly priced, along with the rides. A ride pass for the day will set you back around an extra $40, but be prepared for the line ups.