Thursday, 11 October 2012

Fitness Competition

Date Idea: Pole Dancing Competition
Location: Edgewater Casino, 750 Pacific Blvd South, Vancouver
Price: $35-60 per person

This one can be hit or miss, depending on your date. But with more women wanting to try 'Pole Dancing' for fitness, this could be one of interest.

This Saturday, the Canadian Pole Fitness Association is hosting the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships. Notice how their emphasize the 'Pole Fitness' instead of 'Pole Dancing'. In fact, very few competitors ever did exotic dancing, and there is even a men's division too. The competition could be something fun to go watch, and when you're done, you're already at the casino and you can spend some time there.

Who knows, maybe the competition may spark some interest for your date and they may want to take lessons.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Corn Maze

Date Idea: Corn Maze
Location: Pitt Meadows, Surrey or Chilliwack
Price: $7-12 per person, depending on location

Its that time of year again for the Corn Maze. Most of these corn mazes will be open until mid to late October, so now is the time to check them out.

Corns mazes can be fun adventures. You can race to see who can find their way to the end first, or stay together and maybe find a corner where nobody is looking and sneak a kiss. But it is a maze, and if you really get lost, most places give you a flag to hold up and somebody will help guide you out.

These mazes offer more than just kilometers of pathways leading to nowhere, but they offer other 'farm attractions' which differ depending on the location. As the nights get cooler, most places offer a chance to purchase a warm cider or hot chocolate to warm you up afterwards. Or you can always find your way to the nearest Tim Hortons.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Arts Festival

Date Idea: Port Moody Festival of the Arts
Location: Port Moody, BC
Price: Starts at $5 per show, however, some parts of the event are free

The Port Moody Festival of the Arts runs for 10 days every September. It is a festival that highlights some of the emerging Canadian talent in some of the many fields of the arts ranging in music and theatre and comedy, to visual and literary arts.

Some of this year's talent includes Cole Armour, a 13 year old singer who has performed at the Merritt Mountain Music Festival and has won the talent show at the PNE. Also performing this year is Juno nominated singer Hannah Georgas.

If you want to add a dinner to this date idea, there are some restaurants including Pasta Polo, Chomp, Onyx Steakhouse and the Burrard Public House which will give you a discount of 10-15% if you show proof of going to a show that night.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Fringe Festival

Date Idea: Vancouver International Fringe Festival
Location: Various - Vancouver and Surrounding Areas
Price: Starts at $10 per show (plus a one time $5 for a Festival Membership)

First question some of you may be asking is 'What is the Fringe Festival?' The simple answer is that is 11 days worth of non-mainstream theatre that started TODAY. (Sorry for the delay in being a day late with the post).

In its 27th year, this is the largest theatre festival in BC and the most international fringe festival in North America. What makes this a fringe festival is that the theatre that is chosen to be featured in this festival is chosen at random. Essentially, the shows are put into a hat and then chosen at random. However, over the course of 11 days, 97 groups will put on 754 performances in several venues across Vancouver. Not only does this provide exposure for new and upcoming artists, but it allows one to see variety in the live performances out there.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sea Safari

Date Idea: Sea Safari
Location: Sewells's Marina, 6409 Bay St. West Vancouver
Price: $177 for 2 people

This date idea was refered to me by my friend Jen. She has a food blog which you can visit at

The Sea Safari is a 2 hour educational excursion up the coastal waters of Howe Sound where a guide takes you to approximately 10-12 stops. At these stops, the guide explains things such as intertidal zones, habitats of the local marine life, and the landscape which has been drawn out by the waters.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Lingerie Football

Date Idea: Lingerie Football Game
Location: Abbotsford Entertainment Centre. 33800 King Road  Abbotsford
Price: Starts at $12 per person

This one could be hit or miss depending on your date as its target market is directed towards males. However, it could be fun an interesting to watch. This week's idea is a Lingerie Football game.

The Lingerie Football League recently expanded into Canada and this weekend is the season opener featuring our local team, the BC Angels.

The game is similar in set up as pick up game of football among friends and not so much as the big leagues as there are no blockers; just the quarterback and receivers for a total of 7 players on each team on the field at a time. The field is half the size of an NFL game being only 50 yards long and no field goals. Points are similar in that its 6 points for a touchdown, and the extra point after comes from a run or pass into the End Zone.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Pacific National Exhibition

Date Idea: Pacific National Exhibition
Location: 2901 East Hasting Street, Vancouver
Price: Adult fare gate is $20 each (save $5 online or at certain retailers)
More Info:

Going into its 102nd year, the fair at the PNE is one of Vancouver oldest running attractions running during the last 2 weeks of summer. This year, the fair runs from August 18th to September 3.

There are hundreds of performances and exhibits to see. You can see shows such as the Superdogs, Peking Acrobats, a night time Pyrotechnics show, and there are nightly concerts which often highlight some pretty famous names. Make sure to show up early though so you can plan your day accordingly. Some shows do fill up quickly. All of this is included with admission.

Where things can get interesting with the wallet can include the marketplace where you can often buy items that you see in the "As Seen on TV" commercials. As with any fair, there is also the food which can be a bit highly priced, along with the rides. A ride pass for the day will set you back around an extra $40, but be prepared for the line ups.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cooking Class

Date Idea: Cooking Class
Location: Variou
Price: Starting a $49 per person depending on the school

One can either spend their money going out to a restaurant to have their meals, or you can make your meals from home. The problem with the latter is if you don't know how to cook, it can make for a bad experience...or sometimes a visit from the fire department. A solution? Cooking school!

There are several places in Vancouver where you and your date can sign up to take cooking classes. Often these classes are themed. So depending on when you take the class, you may learn to cook one genre of food on one day, and another genre on another. The price of the class not only teaches you how to make it, but includes the cost of the food for that class.

Make sure to register for your class early as space in these classes are limited and often sell out.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Stand Up Paddling Boarding

Date Idea: Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Location: Various (including Vancouver, Deep Cove, and Port Moody)
Price: Starting at a rate of $12.50-$20 for an hour rental

Vancouver is surrounded by waterways and gives great opportunities to spend time on the water. Especially when the sun decides to come out an play. So why not try out one of the fastest growing aquatic sports known as Stand Up Paddleboarding, also known as SUP.

Imagine standing on a surfboard but having a paddle to propel you along. That's actually how it got its origin from in Hawaii. However, unlike regular surfing, the wonderful thing about SUP is that it can be very easy to learn. Women have a tendency to be able to do this easier than guys since they have a lower center of gravity, but don't let it deter you. This is a sport that even celebrities are have known to get into.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Celebration of Light

Date Idea: Fireworks
Location: English Bay, Vancouver, BC
Price: Free!!!

Back for its 22nd year, its the Celebration of Light. This year, the event will be on Saturday, July 28; Wednesday, August 1; and Saturday, August 4th featuring light displays from Vietnam, Brazil, and Italy respectively. The light show starts at 10pm and typically goes for about 25 minutes.

If you plan on going down, there are many points that you can watch the fireworks from the West End and Kits Point. However, the fireworks can still be seen from places such as Ambleside and SFU. Tune in to The Shore 104.3FM for the music.

The best view points are at Sunset Beach and English Bay, but get there early to stake out your spot. If time is an issue and money isn't, you can purchase reserve seating from the YVR Observation Deck or The Keg VIP Lounge.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Dancing Lessons

Date Idea: Dancing Lessons
Location: Robson Square, 800 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC
Price: Free!!!

In the winter, the ice rink at Robson Square is a great place to go skating. But what to do in the summer? Two organizations are taking advantage of that by offering dancing lessons on either Friday night, or Sunday afternoon. What's more impressive than showing your date that you know how to dance. And if you can't, you can both come out and learn to dance along with 500-1000 other people! Both of these events run until the end of August.

On Friday nights, starting on July 8th, at 8pm this is your opportunity to try out ballroom dancing. The night starts out with a lesson a half hour lesson starting at 8pm from a local professional dancer followed by 30 minutes of play time. Afterwards, there are performances for you to watch at 9pm and 10pm.

Is ballroom not your thing? There's also Salsa dancing on Sunday afternoons. The timeline is similar with a half hour lesson starting at 3pm. Then there are dance demonstrations starting at 5pm.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Car Free Days

Date Idea: Car Free Days
Location: Commercial Drive, Main Street, Kitsilano, West End (Vancouver)
Price: Free!!!

Car Free Day is a day when you guessed it, there are no cars. Streets are blocked off and you end up with a giant festival on the street. Each festival is different but they promote the ability to build a community which is not dependent on vehicles. The celebrations can include food, artisans, music, dancing, and fun spectacles such as street hockey and street performers. This year's Car Free Day is on June 16/17, 2012. As with the spirit of the event, use means of transport other than a car to get there.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Farmer's Market

Date Idea: Farmer's Market
Location: Various
Price: Free!!!

Farmer's Markets are great places to go for a walk and do some shopping, especially if you plan on making a small meal together with your date. You can find locally grown and produced fruits and vegetables, cheese, eggs, meat, seafood, jams, artisan products, crafts and more!

Most of the Farmer's Markets are up and running for the summer with the food variety changing with the season. The best part about these are that they are free and located all over the lower mainland during various times and dates. And the best part about the markets is that admission is free!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Eat! Vancouver

Date Idea: Eat! Vancouver
Location: BC Place Stadium, 777 Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver
Price: $16 at the door, $14 online

The 10th Annual Eat! Vancouver Food and Cooking show is happening this weekend (June 1-3) at BC Place Stadium. This is a great way to learn about ways to make food fun. For those who like to cook, there are cooking sessions where you can learn how to make meal time fun. You can even meet and chat with celebrity chefs.

The reason that I go, is for the food samples. In the past, I've learned about restaurants that I would have never thought of and have tried food from these different restaurants. When you get there, you can buy tickets and go to the booths of different restaurants in the area. From there, you can sample some of their food for a cost ranging from $1-4 dollars. This also applies for beer and wine tasting as long as you are over the age of 19.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Night Market

Date Idea: Night Market
Richmond Night Market (8700 McKim Way, Richmond);
Summer Night Market (12631 Vulcan Way, Richmond);
Chinatown Night Market (Chinatown Plaza, Vancouver)
Price: Free!!!

Vancouver has a diverse multicultural community and the Summer Night Markets reflect that. Vancouver's Chinatown and the City of Richmond have hosted several markets over the past few years, and this year there is now shortage of them with a Night Market in Chinatown, and two in Richmond this year.

To some, the night markets are full of useless junk, and in the past there have been issues with counterfeit items. However, if you are looking for cheap electronic or cell phone accessories, the night markets are the place to go.

But most people who go are really in it for the dinner as you can head down the walkways with rows upon rows of asian food vendors where you can try a variety of food items...some which are a bit more unusual than others.

All these markets are now open for the summer and are open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights along with holidays. Check out each of their websites for specific dates and hours.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Rodeo

Date Idea: Cloverdale Rodeo
Location: 6050 176 Street  Surrey, BC
Price: $12 per person for General Admission into the fair but does not include the rodeo.
                $25 per person for the rodeo and that price includes the $12 fair admission.

The Victoria Day Long Weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. Another event that also marks the start of summer in the lower mainland is the Cloverdale Rodeo and County Fair which is in its 124th year!

For those who haven't been to the rodeo before, its your chance to be a cowboy in the city. The main event is the rodeo itself where you can see some horse racing and bull riding. At the same time, is the county fair which is full of rides, concerts and trade shows. This year features the first annual cowboy cookoff where you can have a taste as some cowboy bbq. The real party starts when the sun goes down as the Longhorn Saloon opens its doors. Its recommended to get there early (or buy VIP tickets) because there is always a line up to get in. The 2012 fair runs from May 19-21.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Vancouver Aquarium

Date Idea: Vancouver Aquarium
Location: 845 Avison Way, Vancouver, BC
Price: $21 per person (based on Adult Rate). Show a valid transit pass and save $2
More Info: or 604-659-3552 

Located in Stanley Park, the Vancouver Aquarium is Canada's largest aquarium with over 50,000 animals. One of the newest attractions coming up in just over a week is the new Penguin Exhibit. If penguins aren't your thing, there are other birds and wildlife along with the traditional fish, sharks, whales and dolphins. They offer shows throughout the day where the trainers show the interaction they have with the animals but the aquarium also offers an opportunity to learn about the animals and conservation.

Want an extra experience that's up close and personal? Starting at $24 per person, you can go for a behind the scenes adventure where you can help the trainers with feeding or training of the animals. Make sure to call in advance to book a time though.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Date Idea: Playland
Location: 2901 East Hastings St, Vancouver, BC Canada
Price: $29.95 per person
More Info:

Signs that summer is coming close is when Playland starts to open for the season. If you and your date have a strong stomach, you can spend hours on the rides. There's the brand new Atmosfear which spins you at 70km/h at over 200 ft in the air, or you can go for the old Wooden Coaster which was built in 1958. If you have a bit of a weaker stomach, you can try to impress your date with winning at one of the midway games where you can test your skills. Or you can take it easy with a round of mini golf. And what's a fair without the food? There are several food stops around where you can take a break to satisfy your needs.

Right now, the fair is open only on weekends and holidays from 10am - 6pm (weather dependent). But come June 15, the fair is open everyday of the week for the summer before going back to reduced hours for the fall.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Be A TV Star

Date Idea: Tour of CTV Studios
Location: Suite 300, 750 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC Canada
Price: Free

Are you and your date into TV? Think you could be the next news anchor or weather girl? Or maybe you just want to see how things run behind the scenes? Well CTV is having their annual open house this weekend.

CTV will have an open house from 10am-3pm on Saturday, March 31st. Just swing on by for a behind the scenes tour of how the news centre works. If you're a fan of any of the personalities, you may run into one while you're there.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Gun Range

Date Idea: Gun Range
Location: Port Coquitlam
Price: $30 pp + the price of ammo

This past week has brought some unusual weather for Vancouver. Last week, there was snow. As I look outside now, there is some sun peaking through, but its not quite spring time yet. So it may be a good time to bring things indoors and try something exciting. This week's idea is the indoor gun range.

DVC Ventures is an indoor gun range located in Port Coquitlam. You don't have to have a fire arms license to fire a gun there. They have lots of trained friendly staff who can help you and your date in learning how to fire a gun and how to do it safely. Admission to get in is $30 which includes gun rental and then you just pay for the ammunition that you fire along with your targets. If you have your own gun, you can bring that, however, there are some size restrictions. Typically, the more power a bullet has, the more expensive it'll be. You can often get a half price discount on admission on Wednesday nights but going to the "Special Events" page on their website and saying the passphrase of the week at the counter. Friday nights are ladies night where the ladies get free admission. A little tip is to get there early on those nights as there can be a bit of a wait. Don't forget to bring government ID.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Celtic Fest

Date Idea: CelticFest & St. Patrick's Day Parade
Location: Downtown Vancouver
Price: Free

This weekend marks that one time of year when EVERYBODY becomes Irish. And you know what they say: "Kiss Me, I'm Irish!" So grab your lil leprauchan, put on some green, and head on down to CelticFest which is going on right now until Sunday, March 18.

There are several activities going on, but something that we don’t see too often in Vancouver are parades. The 8th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade starts at 11am on Sunday, March 18. The parade route for the most part follows Howe Street starting at Drake and ending at Georgia and Granville where the Celtic Village is at where there will be free entertainment all weekend.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Date Idea: Casino
Location: Various
Price: Minimal to Thousands!

I’m back. I missed out on a posting last week because I was on my way back from Las Vegas. Which brings me to this week’s post. The CASINO!

You can make whatever you want from the casino and go there to gamble anywhere from a few dollars, to hundreds or even thousands. Teaching your date how to play Blackjack or Roulette can be a great way to bond…until you start losing money. But the casinos are just about gambling. Several of them have shows, restaurants, bars, and lounges. So when you’re up, take a break, grab a bite to eat, and maybe watch a show.

The River Rock Casino in Richmond even has a hotel and they offer a variety of play and stay packages where you can enjoy yourself with a few casino games and shows, and then head upstairs to relax for the night. They even have an amazing buffet with a chocolate fountain.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Dinner and a Movie - VIP Style

Date Idea: Dinner and a Movie - VIP Style
Location: Various
Price: Various - Movies starting at $7 per person
More Info:

Of all the dates ideas I've listed, sometimes you have to go with a classic. What is more classic than dinner and a movie? But today, I'm going highlight an experience that Cineplex Odeon is offering that you don't see to often. At the SilverCity Coquitlam location, they have vamped things up to offer both a dinner and a movie all under one roof.

You now have the option of a VIP Experience. Show up to the theatre before the show, or stay after and swing by the VIP Lounge where you can grab a bite to eat or grab a drink. Or if you want, concession items can be brought to your seat, which you reserve when you buy your tickets. As part of this experience, the theatre has even been upgrade. The seats are spread out further apart to allow for more room, and the seats fully recline like a lazyboy. Feel like snuggling with your date? The armrests fold up to make a little love seat! A seat in the VIP theatre will cost you a bit more than a regular movie with tickets selling for $19.50.

FYI, I'll be out of town, so there will be no posting next week.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Illuminate Yaletown

Date Idea: Illuminate Yaletown
Location: Yaletown, Vancouver, BC
Price: Free

Illuminate Yaletown is back again this year from February 11-12. It is run in conjunction with the City and Slope Festival which combines fun on the mountains, with a party atmosphere down in the city. Illuminate Yaletown is a free event that starts once the sun goes down. It involves light displays that are interactive and innovated that turns the walls and streets of Yaletown into ever changing canvases of art. Its a surefire way of taking an evening stroll with your date to a new level. Head down there a little early and enjoy some dinner at one of the many restaurants in the area. Parking is limited, but the fortunate thing is that the Canada Line station is just across the street from all the fun.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Whistler Sliding Centre

Date Idea: Extreme Sport Adventure - Bobsleigh or Skeleton
Location: Whistler Sliding Centre, 4910 Glacier Lane, Whistler
Price: $149.00 per person

This one is for the thrillseekers. Anybody can head up to Whistler for a day of skiing, but how about adding some spice to the day. Its not everyday that you can say that you went flying head first down a sheet of ice at 100km/h. Whistler Sliding Centre can let you and your date do just that. There are several sessions available throughout the months of February and March where you can try your hand at bobsleigh, or for those who are more of a thrillseeker, the skeleton. The sessions are 2 hours long where you get an orientation and a single run in the bobsleigh, or 2 runs on the skeleton. Make sure to book in advance because space is limited. When you're done your ride, why not stroll the village and find a nice restaurant to have dinner in. If you have more time, book a hotel, spend another day, and hit up the slopes.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Taboo Sex Show

Date Idea: Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show
Location: Vancouver Convention Centre East - 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver
Price: $15 online, $20 at the door

The Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex show is back in Vancouver this weekend from January 19-22. This annual trade show is a fun and interesting ways for couples to learn and purchase items to spice up their relationships. At the show, there is live entertainment and demonstrations, provocative educational seminars, not to mention shops where you can buy some interesting 'toys' to try at home.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Dine Out Vancouver

Date Idea: Dine Out Vancouver
Location: All over the Lower Mainland
Price: Starting at $18

In its 10th year, Dine Out Vancouver has grown to be one of the most popular dining events in the area. Hosted by Tourism Vancouver, the event runs from January 20th to February 5th of this year. The main event includes hundreds of restaurants in Vancouver and surrounding areas offering 3 course meals ranging in price from $18, $28, and $38 per person. This is a great way for you and your date to discover a restaurant that you haven't tried before at a decent price, especially when you consider that at some higher end restaurants, you can be looking at a single entree being $25-$35 a plate. So to get a 3 course meal for $38 is a steal.

The second part of Dine Out Vancouver are the "Play" festivals. They have events where you can learn to pair your food with wine, learn about food vendors, see a show with your dinner are more.

The last part, of Dine Out Vancouver is the "Stay" part. Tourism Vancouver has teamed up with the local hotels to offer great deals on hotel packages. So if you're coming from out of town, or just want a romantic night after your dinner, make sure to check out the "Stay" link on the Dine Out Vancouver Page.

Some of these events and restaurants are already starting to book, so make sure to go to the Dine Out Vancouver website.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Hockey Game

Date Idea: Vancouver Giants Hockey Game
Location: Pacific Coliseum, 100 N Renfrew Street, Vancouver
Price: $18 per person
More Info: 1-855-3GIANTS or

Sorry there hasn't been a posting for the past 2 weeks. Been busy with work and the holiday season. But here's the first posting of 2012. Happy Dating!

Are you and your date both sports fans? Then head on down to the Vancouver Coliseum where you can check out future NHL players at the fraction of the cost. The Vancouver Giants are part of the Western Hockey League (WHL) and have been one of the hottest teams in the league. The games are not as commercialized as the big leagues, but you still can get high levels of intensity at the game in a more intimate setting.

If you have some extra money to spare, and if you can find tickets, you can upgrade to an NHL game and watch the Vancouver Canucks play at Rogers Arena.