Thursday, 28 June 2012

Dancing Lessons

Date Idea: Dancing Lessons
Location: Robson Square, 800 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC
Price: Free!!!

In the winter, the ice rink at Robson Square is a great place to go skating. But what to do in the summer? Two organizations are taking advantage of that by offering dancing lessons on either Friday night, or Sunday afternoon. What's more impressive than showing your date that you know how to dance. And if you can't, you can both come out and learn to dance along with 500-1000 other people! Both of these events run until the end of August.

On Friday nights, starting on July 8th, at 8pm this is your opportunity to try out ballroom dancing. The night starts out with a lesson a half hour lesson starting at 8pm from a local professional dancer followed by 30 minutes of play time. Afterwards, there are performances for you to watch at 9pm and 10pm.

Is ballroom not your thing? There's also Salsa dancing on Sunday afternoons. The timeline is similar with a half hour lesson starting at 3pm. Then there are dance demonstrations starting at 5pm.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Car Free Days

Date Idea: Car Free Days
Location: Commercial Drive, Main Street, Kitsilano, West End (Vancouver)
Price: Free!!!

Car Free Day is a day when you guessed it, there are no cars. Streets are blocked off and you end up with a giant festival on the street. Each festival is different but they promote the ability to build a community which is not dependent on vehicles. The celebrations can include food, artisans, music, dancing, and fun spectacles such as street hockey and street performers. This year's Car Free Day is on June 16/17, 2012. As with the spirit of the event, use means of transport other than a car to get there.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Farmer's Market

Date Idea: Farmer's Market
Location: Various
Price: Free!!!

Farmer's Markets are great places to go for a walk and do some shopping, especially if you plan on making a small meal together with your date. You can find locally grown and produced fruits and vegetables, cheese, eggs, meat, seafood, jams, artisan products, crafts and more!

Most of the Farmer's Markets are up and running for the summer with the food variety changing with the season. The best part about these are that they are free and located all over the lower mainland during various times and dates. And the best part about the markets is that admission is free!