Thursday, 6 September 2012

Fringe Festival

Date Idea: Vancouver International Fringe Festival
Location: Various - Vancouver and Surrounding Areas
Price: Starts at $10 per show (plus a one time $5 for a Festival Membership)

First question some of you may be asking is 'What is the Fringe Festival?' The simple answer is that is 11 days worth of non-mainstream theatre that started TODAY. (Sorry for the delay in being a day late with the post).

In its 27th year, this is the largest theatre festival in BC and the most international fringe festival in North America. What makes this a fringe festival is that the theatre that is chosen to be featured in this festival is chosen at random. Essentially, the shows are put into a hat and then chosen at random. However, over the course of 11 days, 97 groups will put on 754 performances in several venues across Vancouver. Not only does this provide exposure for new and upcoming artists, but it allows one to see variety in the live performances out there.

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