Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Haunted Halloween Tour

So I lied the the first post is going up on a Tuesday rather than a Wednesday as this date idea isn't running for very much longer...

Date Idea: Haunted Halloween Trolley Tour
Location: Vancouver starting at Canada Place
Price: $35 per person
More Info: 604-801-5515 (for required reservations) or The Vancouver Trolley Company

We all know about the haunted houses that people set up for Halloween, but what's more creepy than experiencing the real thing. This 2.5 hour tour takes you through areas that seem like normal parts of Vancouver, until you start to hear the stories associated with them. Part of the tour brings you through the Mountain View Cemetery and the Police Museum. With possible chilly nights, and a partner who may get a bit scared, this could be natural moment for you to put your arms around your date. Reservations are required.

Bonus Pairing:
If you head down to the tour and want to keep the creepy/scared atmosphere of Halloween alive, take a quick walk down to Gastown and try to find Salt Tasting Room located at 45 Blood Alley. It can be a little hard to find, and you don't know who you may encounter along the way, but it can be quite a reward once you find the place. Don't plan on coming with an appetite though as it specializes in meat/cheese tasting with wine pairings. Call 604-633-1912 with questions, reservations, or if you get lost.

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