Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Date Idea: Playland
Location: 2901 East Hastings St, Vancouver, BC Canada
Price: $29.95 per person
More Info:

Signs that summer is coming close is when Playland starts to open for the season. If you and your date have a strong stomach, you can spend hours on the rides. There's the brand new Atmosfear which spins you at 70km/h at over 200 ft in the air, or you can go for the old Wooden Coaster which was built in 1958. If you have a bit of a weaker stomach, you can try to impress your date with winning at one of the midway games where you can test your skills. Or you can take it easy with a round of mini golf. And what's a fair without the food? There are several food stops around where you can take a break to satisfy your needs.

Right now, the fair is open only on weekends and holidays from 10am - 6pm (weather dependent). But come June 15, the fair is open everyday of the week for the summer before going back to reduced hours for the fall.

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