Thursday, 24 May 2012

Night Market

Date Idea: Night Market
Richmond Night Market (8700 McKim Way, Richmond);
Summer Night Market (12631 Vulcan Way, Richmond);
Chinatown Night Market (Chinatown Plaza, Vancouver)
Price: Free!!!

Vancouver has a diverse multicultural community and the Summer Night Markets reflect that. Vancouver's Chinatown and the City of Richmond have hosted several markets over the past few years, and this year there is now shortage of them with a Night Market in Chinatown, and two in Richmond this year.

To some, the night markets are full of useless junk, and in the past there have been issues with counterfeit items. However, if you are looking for cheap electronic or cell phone accessories, the night markets are the place to go.

But most people who go are really in it for the dinner as you can head down the walkways with rows upon rows of asian food vendors where you can try a variety of food items...some which are a bit more unusual than others.

All these markets are now open for the summer and are open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights along with holidays. Check out each of their websites for specific dates and hours.

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